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Oliveaux Interiors - Oct

October, what a beautiful time of the year!

Midway through Spring with flowers in full bloom.

Marigold - October Birth Flower

The birth flower for October is the Marigold. The flower colours include yellow, gold, orange and bronze, as well as pastel shades. The broad range of flower colours make it a lovely addition to the potted plants in your courtyard.

Well known events for October are Halloween and Oktoberfest. Whilst adding German beer to the fridge can be enough for Oktoberfest, a bit more decorating may be requested by the family for Halloween. Some inspiration for adding a touch of Halloween design to the home can be found here and here.

Extending Halloween design to the outdoor entertaining area can accentuate this area in a new light. The Halloween elements should add to the design of the area rather than overshadow.

When adding in an event theme, it is recommended that the event theme elements have their own presence that aligns with the design of the area. This can provide a lovely synergy that enhances the living space.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We support the important work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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